Cómo y por qué incluir una mascarilla de doble uso a nuestra skinroutine

How and why to include a 2-in-1 facemask in your skincare routine

On a quest for skin that’s hydrated, soft and visibly looks better, and more luminous? We're going to take that as a yes. After all, no matter how much care we take of our face, and protect it with moisturisers, serums and other cosmetics products, there are times when our skin needs a little something extra, doesn’t it? 

We mean those times of year when, whether it’s because of our diet, dehydration, a lack of sleep or even because of the climate, our skin loses its normal radiance. And when that happens, we need the perfect solution. 

To keep your skin hydrated and looking soft, velvety and visibly smoother, try Onshindo Osaka’s  ‘Uminoiro Mask’, the two-in-one facemask that will quickly become one of the beauty products you just can’t live without. Keep scrolling to find out everything you need to know about it. 

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Why “two-in-one”? 

As the name suggests, this mask will give you different results depending on the time of day you apply it, and the way you do so, as a night mask or a moisturising mask. The name is a bit of a giveaway, but the wonderful thing about two-in-one masks is that they are, essentially, two products in one. The difference lies in the time of day you decide to apply them and, of course, what you’re aiming to achieve when you do so. 

What are the results like? 

However you decide to use the Uminoiro Mask, the efficacy and results of this two-in-one mask have been more than proven. Thanks to its combination of natural ingredients, the Onshindo Osaka mask will give your skin a generous moisture boost, softening it, visibly minimising wrinkles and providing an immediate lifting effect. 

Mascarilla de doble uso

What are the ingredients, and how do they work? 

As a two-in-one product, the Uminoiro Mask contains a meticulously selected combination of ingredients, chosen to guarantee its effectiveness, whichever way you choose to use it. Sharohyal Marine, a combination of algae polysaccharides and hyaluronic acid, improves the skin's firmness and suppleness, whilst Vitamin E takes care of protection and moisturising. 

The ingredients that will take charge of repairing your skin include Cobiolift, an ingredient derived from quinoa that’s ideal for accelerating the cell regeneration process, helping to heal any skin lesions. 

Last but definitely not least, the Uminoiro Mask also contains moisturising ingredients such as Allantoin. On top of boosting the hydration of the top layers of the skin, this ingredient also helps repair its barrier function, promoting cellular regeneration, and it boasts soothing, anti-irritant properties. 

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It’s all about how you use it: a few tips for application

The way you apply our Uminoiro Mask will depend on the time of day you use it, and the goal you have in mind: 

  • Night mask: It’s a good idea to apply the mask to both your face and neck two or three times a week. Spread a thin layer of the mask onto cleansed, dry skin, and let it work its magic all night long. In an ideal world, you’d apply it half an hour before bed so your skin can absorb it properly.
  • Hydrating mask: Just as with the night mask, if you want to use the Uminoiro Mask as a moisturising product, it's also best to apply it two or three times a week. For this, just apply a thicker layer onto the clean skin of your face, neck and décolletage, letting it do its thing for 20 minutes. Unlike when you use it as a night mask, in this case, remove the mask by rinsing it with plenty of tepid water, and then get on with your beauty routine. 

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