Crema de día y crema de noche: ¿Por qué debemos utilizar ambas?

Day and night creams: Why should we use both?

You know how we tend to choose, prepare and differentiate between the foods we eat at breakfast, and those we eat in the evenings? Well, we should be doing just the same with our facial creams. Because having a day cream and a night cream is one of the keys to having skin that looks youthful, glowing and blemish-free. But a lot of us still haven’t added a night cream into our strict skincare routines.  

Whether that’s because you don’t know you need a night cream, because it seems like a faff or because you’re sceptical about it, you’re not alone. A lot of people have doubts about it. Like, why do you need to use a cream that’s specifically for before you go to bed? What’s the difference to a day cream, and why can’t we just use the same cream at night?

At Onshindo Osaka, as experts in skincare, we’ve got answers to all these questions and, of course, we’d like to share them with you. Discover the differences between these types of cream, their properties, and the importance of including both a day cream and a night cream in your beauty routine.

What difference is there between day cream and night cream?

To understand the difference between them, first and foremost we have to understand the theory behind them, what they’re designed to achieve for your skin, and the ingredients that go into them.

Day cream: 

Over the course of the day, our skin is exposed to countless external agents like pollution, UV rays and even our makeup. These agents can be harmful or lead to the appearance of blemishes like acne, redness or dryness. That’s why it’s important to use a day cream that provides protection on all these fronts, and also hydrates you to keep your skin glowing and radiant. 

That means we have to pay close attention to what’s in our day cream. It’s also why said cream should contain an antioxidant ingredient of some kind, such as vitamin C, which can be found in ingredients like Yuzu. This limits the damage caused by free radicals generated by external aggressions. On the other hand, a day cream should also contain hydrating agents suitable for any skin type, such as coconut oil or shea butter, both of which deeply hydrate our skin thanks to their concentration of fatty acids, vitamins and minerals.

Last but not least, the perfect day cream should also be able to take one of our arch enemies: the signs of ageing. That’s why all the products that make up our Nadeshikoiro Anti-Ageing line, with options for all skin types, contain antioxidant and moisturising active ingredients but also contain ingredients that tackle the appearance of wrinkles and other signs of ageing head-on. 

Proteins like Skinarch, known as the “architect of the skin”, are part of the Nadeshikoiro formula, and help to boost the formation of collagen fibrils, improving the structure of the skin. In turn, Sirtalice, an active ingredient derived from the oceans, increases our skin’s energy and stimulates protein production. 

Night cream: 

Believe it or not, night cream is just as important as day cream, as it takes charge of repairing any damage that might have been done to the skin during the day. So, as is only logical, the ingredients that go into it are very different to day cream.

An effective, all-round night cream should contain active ingredients that are regenerative as well as hydrating and nourishing. An example of such an ingredient would be Inca Omega oil, a plant oil taken from Sacha Inchi seeds which is hydrating, anti-ageing, antioxidant, protects your skin from free radicals and, on top of that, is highly restorative. What’s more, this kind of ingredient also protects your skin. As a precursor of ceramides, a key structural element of your skin, it reinforces the barrier function. 

Night cream isn’t just about cleansing your skin after a long day. Using a night cream will allow certain active ingredients to penetrate your skin far more effectively than they would during the day. After all, just like the rest of our body, our skin has different needs at different times of day, and we have to be aware of that to nourish it properly.

But, why do we need a cream specifically for night-time use?

As we’ve mentioned above, at night our skin has to recover from the damage suffered during the day. But the time we spend sleeping is also a chance for it to renew itself, release toxins and allow the cells to receive all the nourishment and hydration they need to revitalise your tissues. That means nighttime is our skin’s most active regenerative phase and, as a result, you have to hydrate it properly before heading to bed, just as you do during the day. 

At Onshindo Osaka, conscious of the importance of caring for our skin as we sleep, we’ve formulated our Nadeshikoiro Anti-Ageing night range which, thanks to its combination of ingredients, does more than just protecting and regenerating. It also manages to reduce the appearance of wrinkles on your face, as well as boosting your skin's suppleness, radiance and density. 

Add a good moisturising night cream to your routine to maximise all these benefits and wake up with revitalised skin. With options for all skin types, Onshindo Osaka products care for your skin even whilst you’re getting your beauty sleep. 

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