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Onshindo Biotechnology, S.L. («Onshindo») – Privacy policy


On our website, (”Onshindo’s website”), we use technology known as “cookies” to gather information about how the site is used.

What are cookies?
Cookies are data storage and retrieval tools used on a (such as a computer, mobile phone or tablet) for the purpose of storing information and retrieving previously stored information.

The term includes similar technologies, such as local shared objects or flash cookies, web beacons and bugs, among others, and the use of techniques that identify the device.

● Web Beacons or Bugs: These are invisible images that allow websites to record a user visit without the user being aware of it.

● Local Shared Objects or Flash Cookies: These store more information than conventional cookies and are browser-independent, which makes them difficult to manage.


Use of Cookies on Our Website

Cookies, both first-party and third-party, are used for a variety of purposes, including:

● Recognition of the user as a customer.
● Gathering information about your preferences or products of interest.
● Carrying out measurements and statistical analyses of the use of the site.
● Content personalisation.
● Improvement of our products and services.

For specific details about each cookie, including its purpose, please refer to the list of cookies available in the Cookie Preferences section of our site.


Types of Cookies on Onshindo’s Website

By Duration:

● Session Cookies: Activated whilst you browse our website, collecting and storing useful information during your visit. These cookies are not stored on your device once you log out or close your browser.
● Persistent Cookies: This kind of cookie stays on your device after the session has finished, meaning the data can be accessed and processed on future visits. You can delete these cookies at any time.

By Managing Entity:

● First-Party Cookies: Issued from our own website, these provide the services you request directly.
● Third-Party Cookies: These come from external services that we use to improve our website and the services offered. Although operated by third parties, we collect data that may be used to improve your experience. If these cookies collect data for their own purposes, they are not considered to be first-party, even if they are managed from our domain.

By Aim:

Our site uses both our first-party and third-party cookies for a variety of purposes, including analytics and personalisation of your experience. Specific information about the use of each cookie is available in the Cookie Preferences section.

Cookie Retention Period:

Cookies are used strictly for the period necessary for the purposes indicated. For cookies managed by third parties, we recommend you consult their own privacy policies available in the Cookies Preferences section for detailed information on their retention periods.


Management and Withdrawal of Consent to Cookies

Consent Management:

At Onshindo, the use of cookies on your device is subject to your explicit consent, granted through our login banner and through specific settings you can adjust in the Cookie Preferences section.

Technical cookies, which are necessary for browsing and the provision of services requested on our website, are exempt from this requirement, in accordance with the provisions of article 22 of the Spanish Information Society Services Law (LSSI) on the duty to provide information and obtain consent.

Withdrawal of Consent:

You can modify or withdraw your consent at any time through the Cookie Preferences section, permanently accessible from the link located at the beginning of this Cookie Policy.

Although we store your preferences for up to 24 months, we will ask you to renew your consent periodically or if there are significant changes to the use of, purposes of or third parties associated with the cookies.

Opting out of third-party cookies must be done directly with providers, through your browser options or their specific systems. You will find useful links for this in our Cookie Preferences section.

Note: You can manage, block or delete cookies and delete your browsing history from your browser at any time. Disabling cookies does not prevent you from browsing our site, although it may limit access to certain services and affect your user experience.

Data Protection:

Some cookies may involve the processing of personal data, especially if you are identified by a unique identifier or data such as your name or email address. For more information about how we protect your personal data, see our Personal Data Protection Policy.

You can accept or reject each type of cookie in our Cookie Preferences section.

Website Function:

Cookies that are essential for the website to work properly, including fraud prevention measures.

Your Privacy on Onshindo:

When you visit, data related to your preferences or device can be collected on your browser using cookies to ensure the website works properly. While this information generally does not directly identify you, it does enrich your experience of the website. We respect your privacy and allow you to manage the use of certain cookies.
Modifying your cookie preferences may impact your experience and the functionality of the services offered. For more information, please see our Cookies Policy.

Analytics Cookies:

These cookies make it possible to track and analyse user behaviour on our website, including how users interact with the content. Information is collected to gauge activity and make improvements based on analysis of how users use the website.

Preference Cookies:

These cookies allow you to customise your experience on our website/app according to your preferences (language, country, currency). If they are based on direct user preferences, they do not require consent, but users do have to be informed. For advanced personalisation, such as targeted advertising, consent is required.

Behavioural Advertising Cookies:

These cookies collect data on browsing habits in order to create a user profile and display personalised advertising.