Legal Notice

Legal Notice for

1. General.

This Legal Notice regulates the access, navigation and use of the website, all URLs, subdomains and directories included therein, as well as the services or content that may be obtained through this site (the "Website"). We recommend you read it carefully; access to the Website and the use of its contents and services implies the user's acceptance of the terms contained herein.

In accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002, of 11th July, on information society services and electronic commerce, general information about the Website is given below:

● Owner: Onshindo Biotechnology, S.L. (“Onshindo”).
● Registered address: Calle Copenhague, 12, Oficina 205 Edificio, 28232 Las
Rozas (Madrid)
● NIF: B88161708
● Registered on the Madrid Mercantile Registry in Volume 38013, Folio 24, Section 8, Page M 676838, I/A 1
● Email:
● Phone: +34 910 459 783
● Customer service hours: Monday to Thursday: 10 am-2 pm and 3 pm-5 pm Friday: 9 am-3 pm.

2. Rules on access to and use of the Website, its contents and services.

2.1. General rules: Access to, browsing of and use of the Website is free of charge, without prejudice to the cost of connection through the internet.

Access to, browsing of and use of the Website does not require users to subscribe or register.
The user undertakes to use the Website, its services and contents without contravening current legislation, the provisions of this Legal Notice, the provisions that complement, modify or replace it, and good faith, generally accepted uses, morality and public order. In any case, it is forbidden to use the Website for purposes that are illicit or harmful to the rights and interests of Onshindo, of any third party or that, in any way, may cause damage or impede the normal operation of the Website.

2.2. Intellectual property rules: No intellectual or industrial property rights over the Website or any of the elements that comprise it (including but not limited to: trademarks, trade names, industrial designs, texts, photographs, illustrations, graphics, images, recordings, icons, graphic designs, interfaces, software, source codes, links, any other information or content and the services available therein) (the "Contents") are transferred through this Legal Notice. The reproduction, transformation, distribution, public communication, making available, extraction, reuse, resending or use in any way, by any means or procedure, of any of the Contents are prohibited, except in cases where this is
legally permitted or authorised by the legitimate owner.

The user must abstain from obtaining or attempting to obtain the Contents by any means other than those that have been made available to them, as well as those that are normally used on the internet, provided that they do not cause any damage to the Website, its services or contents.
The user undertakes not to remove, delete, alter, tamper with or modify:

● any notes, legends, indications or symbols incorporated in the Content (e.g. copyright, ©, ® and ™), and
● any technical protection or identification devices they may contain (e.g. watermarks and fingerprints).

3. User responsibility.

3.1. Access to, browsing of and use of the Website is the sole and exclusive responsibility of the user.

3.2. Onshindo shall not be liable for any damages that may be caused to the user or third parties as a result of accessing, browsing and using the Website contrary to the provisions of current legislation, this Legal Notice and the provisions that complement, modify or replace it.

4. Links.

4.1. Links to the Website from other internet pages: It is prohibited to create a link from another internet page to the Website, unless Onshindo expressly permits it.

4.2. Links from the Website to other internet pages: The Website may make links to other internet pages managed and controlled by third parties available to users. The sole purpose of these links is to make it easier for users to find information, content and services, and under no circumstances may they be considered suggestions, recommendations or invitations to visit.

Onshindo does not commercialise, direct, previously control or make its own the contents, services, information and statements accessible on these websites and, therefore, cannot be held responsible for their unlawfulness or incorrectness. However, if Onshindo becomes aware that the contents to which these links lead
are illegal, it will act with due diligence to remove or disable them as soon as possible. To this end, if users have knowledge of such unlawfulness, they may inform Onshindo through the contact information provided in the first section of this
Legal Notice.

5. Exclusion of guarantees and liability.

5.1. The Contents of the Website are made available to the user by Onshindo, with information from both its own sources and those of third parties.

5.2. The Contents do not constitute a source of advice of any kind and are an insufficient basis for making personal and/or business decisions.

5.3. Onshindo endeavours to ensure that the Contents are of the highest possible quality and up to date, but does not guarantee their suitability,
completeness, accuracy, completeness, relevance and/or timeliness.

5.4. Onshindo takes appropriate security measures to detect the existence of viruses or malicious software. However, the user must be aware that these measures are not entirely reliable and that, therefore, Onshindo does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other components that may cause alterations or damage to the user's computer systems or electronic files.

6. Modifications and duration.

6.1. Onshindo reserves the right to modify, at any time and without prior notice, the structure, design, configuration, contents and services of the Website, as well as the terms of this Legal Notice. Once these modifications have been made, access to and use of the contents and services of the Website shall imply their acceptance by the user.

6.2. This Legal Notice shall be valid for as long as it is available on the Website, until such time as its terms are totally or partially modified. At that time, the amended Legal Notice will come into effect.

7. Applicable law and jurisdiction.

7.1. These terms and conditions shall be governed by the laws of the country or region to which the Website is addressed, as indicated at the top of the Website.

7.2. When the applicable regulations in force allow the parties to submit to a specific jurisdiction, Onshindo and the user shall submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts and Tribunals of Madrid Capital for any questions and/or actions that may arise or be brought as a result of the provision of the Website service, its contents and services, as well as the interpretation, application, fulfilment or non-fulfilment of the provisions herein.