Serum antienvejecimiento NADESHIKOIRO, el cosmético antiarrugas que cambiará tu rutina de belleza

The Nadeshikoiro Anti-Ageing Serum: the anti-wrinkle treatment that will transform your beauty routine

If there’s one struggle we’ll come up against sooner or later, it’s the struggle against the passage of time and the tell-tale evidence it leaves behind on our skin in the form of the signs of ageing. 

Because although we’re champions of self-love, we value and appreciate female beauty at all ages and we really do believe that wrinkles are a thing of beauty, the signs of ageing are something that we’re all concerned about. And something that we all try and stave off for as long as possible, as is only natural.

A lesson we can learn from Japanese beauty culture is that the key isn’t in repairing or combating the appearance of the signs of ageing. It’s all about preventing them in a very specific way: through healthy beauty routines and, above all, using the right products. 

As well as moisturisers, face masks and eye serums, to achieve skin like the Japanese other products are essential too, like a good anti-ageing serum. As one of the key products in our Nadeshikoiro Anti-Ageing range, the Nadesihkoiro anti-wrinkle serum with yuzu extract doesn’t just offer countless benefits for your skin, it also helps visibly minimise the appearance of signs of ageing.   

How does it manage it?

Keep reading to discover all the benefits and secrets of this anti-ageing serum, which will be a game-changer for your skin. 

 An infinite number of benefits

On top of being suitable for all skin types, and perfect for the neck and decolletage as well as the face, this potent anti-wrinkle and anti-ageing serum contains all the power of Japanese cosmetics.

This serum, with yuzu extract, will boost your skin’s firmness, suppleness and density, as well as reducing the number of wrinkles, and their visibility. 

The secret? It’s in the ingredients

Just like the rest of Onshindo Osaka’s products, the secret lies in the combination of ingredients. Enriched with Vitamin E, with antioxidising properties that help slow the ageing process and deeply hydrate even the most sensitive skin, the Nadeshikoiro anti-ageing serum delivers powerful protection against the damage caused by external factors such as the sun, pollution or heavy metals. 

These powerful properties are thanks to another key ingredient: Glycolift, a mixture of biotechnological polysaccharides which, in addition to combating pollution, will also have an instant, prolonged tightening and smoothing effect on your skin.

And when it comes to the appearance and visibility of the signs of ageing, our serum contains the most effective ingredients for combating that too. Skinarch, known as "the architect of the skin", contributes to the formation of collagen "fibrils", improving the skin's structure. 

On top of that, continued use of the Nadeshikoiro serum promotes cell regeneration thanks to the white tea and yuzu extracts. In turn, the antioxidant powers of vitamin C help improve skin barrier function and prevent skin ageing.

Last but certainly not least, Sirtalice, an active ingredient derived from the oceans, will boost elasticity and have a gloriously radiant, firming effect on your skin.

Yuzu, the ultimate source of vitamin C

Native to Asia, the yuzu is a citrus fruit with a lot in common with lemons or limes, but with certain properties that set it apart, as it contains far more vitamin C than its cousins. What’s more, this fruit contains polyphenols. It’s an antioxidant, helps fight free radicals, is great news for the immune system and, of course, prevents the appearance of the signs of ageing. And as well as all that, yuzu also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory benefits.

How to apply it correctly

Once you’ve been through your cleansing routine, apply the Nadeshikoiro anti-ageing serum to your face, neck and decolletage. Unlike other products on the market, Onshindo Osaka’s serum can be applied twice a day, morning and night. For best results, apply it just after your Nadeshikoiro anti-ageing day or night cream, as necessary. 

Ready to discover the art of Japanese skincare for yourself?

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