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The secrets of (and keys to) Japanese skincare

With a culture that goes back thousands of years, many of the traditions interwoven into Japanese history have been assimilated into Western culture, especially when it comes to beauty and skincare. Japanese people, especially women, are widely considered to have the world’s most beautiful skin. And here at Onshindo Osaka, we’re experts in taking the best of the ancient tradition of Japanese beauty and adding a modern twist. So we’re here to tell you all about the secrets of Japanese skincare, and the reasons why people from the land of the rising sun often have such stunning skin. 

To discover and truly understand the principles on which Japanese beauty culture is based, we have to bear in mind that in the eyes of this culture, the true meaning of beauty isn’t what’s on the outside. For the Japanese, what really matters is what's going on the inside, and how that’s reflected on the surface of the skin. With traditions and practices that centre around simplicity, harmony and a taking long-term approach, here are some of the secrets of real Japanese skincare that you can (and should) incorporate into your routine:


Double cleansing

One of the best-kept Japanese beauty secrets is cleansing, and make it double. If possible, the cleansing process should also involve plenty of water. This technique involves starting off with a cleanser, which can be oil-based or not, used to remove dead cells and impurities, including makeup, from the skin. That has to be followed up by another foaming cleanser that goes even deeper, leaving the skin squeaky clean. 

Sun protection all year round

Although it’s great for our moods and a healthy glow is a big part of Western beauty ideals, the sun is the main culprit behind skin damage, and premature ageing. But for the Japanese, sun protection isn’t something only used in the summer. Because it’s not just important for preventing wrinkles and sun spots, but is also a way to help prevent diseases like skin cancer. This has become one of the golden rules of Japanese skincare. So, in Japan, the vast majority of sunscreens have an SPF higher than 30, and a PA++++ rating (the highest rating for UVA protection).

In this island nation, they often say sun protection is your best friend. At Onshindo Osaka, we couldn’t agree more. With that in mind, we’re formulating a specific sun cream you can add to your skincare routine, considering the needs of everyone, and all skin types. Once you’ve tried it, you won’t know how you lived without it.

Protección solar

Deep hydration 

One of the cornerstones of skin that’s visibly healthy, juicy and radiant is hydration. Although you might not have ever given it much thought, there are a whole host of factors that determine our skin’s level of hydration. The look and health of our facial skin can reflect whether we’re dehydrated, with very visible signs like roughness, pores, dryness and, above all, wrinkles. And that’s why an essential part of the beauty routine of most Japanese women tends to be using multiple layers of light moisturisers to guarantee deep, lasting hydration.

Natural ingredients

Using ingredients of natural origin, and studying their properties carefully, is another of the pillars of the philosophy behind of Japanese cosmetics. That’s why natural ingredients are central to everything we do here at Onshindo Osaka too. Rice, green tea, seaweed, yuzu, shea... Natural ingredients like these contain countless beneficial properties that can work wonders for our skin. The Japanese are totally au fait with all of them, and they’re a key element of the majority of Japanese skincare products. 


The importance of prevention 

As well as the use of natural ingredients, the guiding Japanese principle of beauty and skincare is prevention rather than correction. That means a classic Japanese skincare routine is consistent and focused on hydration and sun protection, with the aim of preventing (rather than fixing) problems like blemishes, acne and, above all, the appearance of the signs of ageing. 

Massages or ‘Facial Yoga’

The muscles in our face work in the same way as those in the rest of our body do. As we all well know, either you use them or you lose them. That’s why we need to learn to exercise them properly to achieve smooth skin and prevent the appearance of unwanted wrinkles. One of the techniques that have been practised in Japan for decades now is facial yoga, a combination of exercises and massages that improve blood flow, smooth out laughter lines, banish signs of fatigue and help leave your skin firmer and more luminous.

Yoga facial

These are just a few of the secrets of the Japanese beauty culture that you can incorporate into your own skincare routine to get radiant, visibly healthy skin, just like the Japanese. One last tip? Be consistent, focus on the long-term health and harmony of your skin and, of course, opt for products that combine and are based on both the power of natural ingredients and Japan’s biotechnology, like the whole Onshindo Osaka range.

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