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NADESHIKOIRO ANTI-AGEING Lightweight Day Cream - Oily skin, 50ml

NADESHIKOIRO ANTI-AGEING Lightweight Day Cream - Oily skin, 50ml

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Anti-Ageing Lightweight Face Day Cream. Oily skin, 50ml.

Ingredients like yuzu, which improves the skin’s barrier function, Skinarch, known as the architect of the skin, Pore Reductyl NT, which has astringent, tensing properties, white tea, vitamin E, Sirtalice and Moripure Silk, all mean this anti-ageing day face cream for oily skin considerably minimises the appearance of wrinkles on the face. The Nadeshikoiro Anti-Ageing face cream also boosts the skin’s suppleness, luminosity and density.

Instructions of use: Apply daily in the morning to clean and dry face, after applying NADESHIKOIRO ANTI-AGEING serum. Carefully extend a small amount of cream and massage the skin using gentle upward movements until it is absorbed. 

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  • Pore Reductyl NT

  • Skinarch™

  • White tea

  • Moripure® Silk Aqua

  • Yuzu

  • Sirtalice™

Customer Reviews

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Lefteris Geladas
Review for NADESHIKOIRO Cream.

Everything was great, from the packaging to the quality of the cream. A lovely experience overall with the product. Thank you!

Thank you Lefteris, we´re glad that you joined the Onshindo Family!